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Vitamin E (as D-alpha-Tocopherol): 22 mg (33.3 IU)

While vitamin E is found naturally in many foods, most people still don’t get enough of it through diet alone. That’s why it’s such a popular supplement. Vitamin E is thought to promote healthy skin, reduce inflammation, help with wound healing, improve cognition and potentially help to prevent certain cancers. It’s even used to treat heart disease.

Vitamin K2 (as Menatetrenone): 30 mcg

K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for strong bones because of the way it helps the body to utilize calcium. In addition, it helps to promote everything from heart health to sharper brain function. Vitamin K2 also helps to support the immune system. There’s even some chatter that might aid in cancer prevention.

Copper (as Copper Bisglycinate Chelate): 667 mcg


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Onnit Total Human is so appealing. As a registered dietician, I get asked about this popular product all the time. People want to know if this vitamin regimen can really offer “total supplementation” that takes the place of their current daily vitamins. There’s no way to give an honest review of Onnit Total Human without simply diving into the ingredients to vet their efficacy and safety.

I just want to talk about what makes Total Human different from other supplements before I begin dissecting the ingredients. Onnit brings together compounds that are carefully clustered to help target specific systems in your body. Unlike a standard multivitamin, this supplement actually groups specific ingredients to help support the brain, bones, joint muscles, and more instead of just “checking boxes” on daily values. It’s also formulated to support “vitality” by “feeding” the body’s need for energy, mood, and well-being. You’re actually getting the power of seven different popular supplements from the Onnit brand in this system. Do note that this is a system instead of a daily vitamin.


Most “all-in-one” supplements are anything but. They promise to boost health, but don’t promote the function of the overall systems that support it—that’s why you hear reports that “multivitamins don’t work.” All they’re really good for is filling in the nutritional gaps in your diet by bombarding you with vitamins and minerals. Total Human® is so much more.

Vitamins and minerals aid the processes in the body that regulate health and performance, but Total Human®’s carefully-selected compounds take nutrition a step further, targeting specific systems that need support to help optimize your mind, muscles, bones, joints, mood, and overall energy and well-being.† It’s not a multivitamin, but rather a grouping of powerful, clinically-studied ingredients that have been curated from Onnit’s most popular existing supplements.

In Alpha BRAIN®, for instance, we give you a good dose of vitamin B6, which aids neurotransmitter production to stimulate cognitive speed, but we also provide huperzia serrata, a clubmoss that helps stop the breakdown of neurotransmitters. Think: more in, less out.

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